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The Lone Cone Library has several different meeting rooms available for renting. Have a big event? We have a big room! Need somewhere quiet to take a test? We have a study room. Holding a conference call? Our conference room is perfect for that.

If you have questions that can’t be answered on here, please contact Brooke at

Here is a photo of the different room layouts for the multipurpose rooms depending on what your needs are.

For the banquet layout, in the whole multi-purpose room you can seat 108 comfortably with six people per table. In each half of the room, you can seat 54 comfortably with six people per table.

For the theatre style layout, you can fit 144 people in the whole multi-purpose room, or 72 people in each half. Listed below are photos of each meeting room available for rental along with a brief description.

All rooms include tables and chairs, you will get access information when you come in for your walk through.

The Multi-Purpose Rooms and the Conference Room are available for rental outside of library hours. To reserve a room, please fill out the rental form attached at the end of the page. All reservation requests must be made 24 hours in advance of your event. We request that you arrange for a walk through of all of the equipment and procedures at least the day prior to your event with Brooke,

BOTH Multi-Purpose Rooms
As described above for capacity, both multi-purpose rooms can hold a large event. With both multi-purpose rooms, you have access to both TVs in the room along with the projector, the sound system and access to the kitchen. Both rooms also have access to a microphone and one of our laptops to ensure connectivity. If you have a presentation, you can upload it to the cloud so you can pull it up from our laptop, or you can download it to a thumb drive to plug directly into our laptops.

Multi-Purpose Room 1 (North Room shown with the TV on the right)
There is a divider wall that separates the North and South Rooms. In the photo below, the north room is the room on the right. In the North room, you get access to a TV, the projector, sound system, microphone and laptop,

Multi-Purpose Room 2 (South Room)
There is a divider wall that separates the North and South Rooms. In the photo below, the South room is on the left. In the South room, you get access to a TV, sound system, microphone, and laptop. With the South room, you can also reserve the kitchen and the pantry (dishes).  

Kitchen & Pantry
The kitchen and pantry rental is only available with the South room or when you book BOTH rooms together.

Conference Room/Law Library
Our conference room is set up to accommodate 9 people. We have a laptop in this room to connect to video conferencing either with Zoom or Skype. For login information, please contact Brooke or Brandi at We also have conference calling capabilities. This is also our law library with access to a number of the law books sponsored by the Colorado Supreme Court Law Library.

Study Rooms
We have two study rooms available. Each has a desk and three chairs as well as a white board. Study rooms are only available during operating hours. Study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the high demand of the study rooms, there is a two hour limit per booking and only two bookings per week, unless approved by the Library Director, Carrie Andrew, or Program Coordinator, Brooke Robinson. To reserve the room, you must book online 24 hours in advance. If you do not have computer access, you may call 327-4833 during operating hours. If you are 15 minutes late for your booking, it will be cancelled. If any personal items are left unattended in the study rooms for 15 minutes, they will be collected by library staff and held for your pickup at the front desk.

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