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Carrie Andrew
Born in Jos, Nigeria, I spent the first 18 years of my life as a missionary kid. I returned to the Texas for college, receiving a BA in Elementary Education from Dallas Baptist University. After teaching 4th grade ESL in Texas for 4 years, my Australian husband and I moved to Telluride in 2003. Starting out in seasonal jobs, we quickly put down roots by purchasing a home in Norwood. I first worked at the Telluride library for 1 year and then became the District/HS Librarian for the Norwood School District where I worked for 5 years. During which time, I earned my Masters Degree in Educational Media (School Librarianship) from UNC Greeley.  I began working as the Library Director of the Norwood library in 2010. It has been an exciting and rewarding 6 years, during which time I have had the honor to serve the community in many ways including sitting on the boards of our Chamber of Commerce and the recently formed endowment fund, Lone Cone Legacy Trust. I also serve on the board of the Colorado Library Consortium, a state-wide agency providing continuing education, cooperative purchasing, regional consulting, and ILS management to libraries all over the state.

In the 6 years that I have worked as the Director of the Norwood library, I have participated in many training events put on by CRC including RPD in Ouray in 2013.  I appreciate the quality and relevance of the programs, in general, but I found RPD to be all that and more!  The opportunity to interact with regional colleagues and grantmakers creates an extremely rewarding experience. I am excited to get to be a part of the planning for the San Juan RPD in Montrose.

I would describe myself as a Transformational Leader. I seek to inspire my team to work towards a common vision. I communicate well and am not afraid to delegate. I take responsibility for the items that I have committed to complete and I get them done. I tend to be matter of fact, but not too direct. I try to be fair and see all sides to a situation before forming a decision, but I am decisive and want to get things done.

Rhonda Oliver is the Lone Cone Library inter library loan connection. Any item that patrons are unable to find in the AspenCat catalog she will gladly search and find in other libraries. It is delivered to the library and you are notified when it is ready for pickup. She has been working for the library since 2002 and enjoys the  challenges that library science has as it evolves with constant changes in technology. Cataloging is her true passion, and she is always excited to see a new box of books come through the door. She also processes all donations to the library, so don’t hesitate to call the library to set up a time for drop off during business hours.

My name is Brandi Platt and I am the Administrative Assistant and Special Events Coordinator and started working here in January of 2017.  I grew up in Norwood, met my husband in high school and after getting married and plenty of moving around, we moved back home. I was introduced to a very interesting book called Where Eagles Winter, that is about this area and found a lot of family history, including that my family has been in the area since the 1800’s!

I have a very fond love for books and always have one, or my Kindle, in my hands. I feel like being in a library is where I belong. I am a Beta reader for my friend and author, Ann Charles. I was fortunate enough to do the teen summer reading program this year and will be continuing throughout the school year. I have a strong fondness of senior citizens and will be trying to get some programming to introduce to them as well. I am also available to help with any tech questions that I can, and if I don’t know the answer, I will try my hardest to find one to help you.

Lauri Kozey-McCune has worked for the library
for close to 30 years now. She started off part time as a fill in working along side Barbara Youngblood. She has become the Library Assistant and has been full time for over 8 years.


Barbara Youngblood started working at the library in 1978, and became Director in 1980-2010.  She saw the library grow to nearly 12,000 volumes, added computer services, children’s storytimes and evening hours, and double in size.


Janet Spor grew up in North Carolina.  After her retirement from teaching, she was a substitute teacher and worked her way over to the library. She helps run the circulation desk, is now doing storytime and the K-5 after school program, helps with the special events along with other things. She enjoys camping with her husband and going to his music venues.

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  1. Hi, Norwood/Lone Cone Library ~ I’ve heard that the library is one place where tickets can be purchased for Saturday’s harvest dinner fundraiser at the Livery. So I’m wondering if someone there would ALSO be willing to help me connect with whomever is organizing the silent auction fundraiser. __I’d be glad to donate something for that, like I’ve done in year’s past. (I’m not sure why I didn’t hear about it sooner, this year, so I’m sorry this is rather last-minute notice.) __If you want to give me a name & contact number of someone else to call about donating an item, feel free; either that, or pass this message along to them–my contact info. including ph.# is at the bottom. __I’d be glad to donate a Gift Certificate for an Acupressure treatment (Asian bodywork done through clothing, with gentle assisted stretching), at my office in Norwood, in the Royer Building. __I’m offering to donate a 30-minute sample treatment (a $35.00 value) that can be upgraded to a full treatment if the winner wishes. __I’d be glad to bring a Gift Certificate in an envelope that can be handed out. (I’m also aiming to attend the event, but am not in Norwood again until the Sat. night event.) __So I hope you can either put me in touch with someone else working on this event, or let me know directly if someone at the library is able to accept this offer–as happened last time. __Thanks! __Shauna Palmer, “Acupressure by Shauna.” __Contact information (also available on the Norwood Chamber of Commerce website): __Phone: 970-729-1728 __Email: (and people may also have another email address for me:

    1. Hi Shauna, I’m very sorry for the delay in response and I really hope that you got the information that you needed. My name is Brandi Platt, I’m the administrative assistant here at the library and I do the updates to the website. I’m still learning all the little quirks for it and I didn’t even know we had an option for messages. If you ever have any questions, you can email me at Thank you!

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