Fall Adult Reading Program

The Lone Cone Library is proud to announce the Fall Adult Reading Program!

To participate, the books must be checked out through the library, audio books do count as well. Once you’ve finished your book, return it, fill out the information on the poster with your review, ask for a reading slip from one of the staff members at the desk, fill it out, leave it with them and you’re done! This program is passive and works around your schedule, so whenever you have time to come in. If you are short on time and are dropping things off in the drop box, just add a piece of paper with your name, the book read and a smiley face of how that book left you feeling ( 😊 😐 😢 😠 etc.). We can add it to the poster and the jar for gift card drawing.

If you have any questions about library checkouts or holds, please ask one of the ladies at the desk! Happy reading/listening, we are looking forward to seeing some reviews!

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