Dedication Poem


A house of books is a house of knowledge and imagination. A foundation upon which to build and blossom. As a reader. A writer. A thinker. A leader. 

A house in which to gather is a house of play and communication. Where minds and muscles can stretch to contentment and ideas will flow like a good year’s ditch water. 

There’s just as much history and mystery on these shelves as there is in Norwood itself. There are pages of pirates and chapters of cowboys, volumes of villains and stacks of heroes. There’s tragedy and comedy, the past and the future, and enough love stories to fill an elderly, leaning barn. It’s all here in the library, the original escape room. Even the cows, the sheep, and the raven want a library card here. 

There are over 2 million libraries on the planet but the best one is always the one that you build. That’s ambitious, they said. That’ll cost us, they said. But when local kids on a parade float asked for your vote, you opened your hearts as well as your wallets. From a dream to a roof raising, here it is … ready to serve these fingerling mesas and insanely wide sky. 

And under that sky, there’s a beacon on the horizon. It bobs in and out of snowsquall and virga, like a buoy on a sea of juniper and grasses. Our almost thirteener, Lone Cone. 

A young child was told, if you ever get lost or separated, find Lone Cone and you’ll find the way home. It’s what she chimed from her carseat every time she spotted it: 

You’re never alone with Lone Cone. You’re never alone with Lone Cone. 

It has no idea nor does it care that we use its name for our human endeavors but I’d like to think that it approves of this all-ages communal wonder on its far northern flank, that it accepts its namesake duty to protect the tomes within and forever let freedom ring. 

That child, now grown, was not wrong, that sentinel to the south speaks truth to words … 

You’re never alone with a book. You’re never alone with a library. And you’re never alone with Lone Cone. 


by Daiva Chesonis Lone Cone Library Dedication June 8, 2019 Norwood Colorado 

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