About Us

The Lone Cone Library is a tax supported stand-alone library in the Lone Cone Library District of San Miguel County, Colorado.

Library Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 11am-5pm

Tuesday & Thursday 11am-7pm

Closed on Sundays

Library Services

  • References
  • Fax & copy services
  • Computer work stations
  • Internet connectivity/ WiFi
  • E-books, audiobooks, and music downloads
  • Programs for all ages
  • A courteous staff available to answer any questions

The library contains 10,000+ volumes, 1700+ dvd items, and 600+ audio books. Magazine and newspaper subscriptions are also available to the public.

Library Director: Carrie Andrew carrie@loneconelibrary.org
Library Clerk: Lauri Kozey-McCune lauri@loneconelibrary.org


Lone Cone Library

1110 Lucerne Street, Box 127
Norwood, CO 81423
Phone: (970)327-4833
Fax: (970)

Have a question? Have a request? Please use a form below to contact us via e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Library Board of Trustees:

Sonny Lopez – President

Mary Beth Cook

Robin Snyder

Monet Ragsdale

Lucinda Carr

Terri Lamers

Creighton “Woody” Wood

*The Board meets the second Monday of each month at the library at 6:30 p.m.