Book A Librarian Form

Do you need help with something? Maybe you have a new gadget that you received for the holidays and you need help putting the Cloud library on there. Or maybe you just need help understanding the functions a little bit better. Do you need help with the basics of how to navigate features on your computer?

Getting help is easy! Please fill out a book a librarian form online, right here on our website! Hover over the “Adults” tab and you will click on the Book A Librarian. Once you’ve filled it out, we will receive an email and get back to you to book the appointment, it’s that easy! Don’t see the Adults tab? Click here.

We also have bookmarks and paper forms in the library that you can fill out and leave with one of the staff members, who will then give it to the appropriate librarian you are wishing to see! That librarian will then contact you and schedule a time and date that will work for both of you.

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