Progress of the New Library!

We are so excited to share with you all the progress that has been made moving forward on the new library building. We have chosen our architect, Anderson Hallas, and we had a meeting with them on March 27. They truly care about the community and were very eager to hear everything that we had to say and/or suggest. We really look forward to our future working with these people and more importantly, we look forward to what they are going to be bringing to the whole community. Below are some of the diagrams that were presented to us and we would like to share the ideas of where this is going, with the community. These will be available in the library for you to view in person on Monday, April 3. We will keep you updated as much as we can and will post the information here for you to view.

2017.03.26 Norwood Floor Plan

LCL – Vignettes – 3D View – – Sheet – A113 – EXTERIOR CONCEPT SKETCH

2017.03.26 Sections

2017.03.26 Displaced – Vignettes



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