Friends of the Library

A Little About Us…

The Mission of The Friends is to support quality library service in the community through fundraising, volunteerism and serving as advocates for the library and its programs to the public.
The Norwood Public Library has been serving the Norwood Community since 1979 and The Friends has been supporting the Library since 1995.

The Friends of the Norwood Library supports the Library in a variety of ways, and we would like you to be a part of it!

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the privileges of information access, entertainment and education – which our library so cheerfully provides.

In this modern technological age, libraries must be able to offer new types of information, more programs and more services than in the past.

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Library Luncheon and Fashion Show

fashion friends Norwood

The Friends of the Library has been bringing the annual Luncheon and Fashion Show to the community for 14 years now. The event highlights the creativity of hostesses who create tablescapes based on a theme.
Year after year, Laura Tarr Morris, owner of ‘Tara’s of Delta’ provides the beautiful fashions worn by local models of all ages.

Norwood childrenSupport of the Children’s Reading Program


Each week the Library provides Storytime for infants, toddlers and their parents. The Friends proudly supports this program.

pioneerNorwoodSupport of Pioneer Day Activities


Pioneer Days in Norwood is an annual tradition honoring the homesteaders of Wright’s Mesa. It all started in with the First Pioneer Day in 1935 and continues today. Pioneer Day ‘Royalty’ are crowned each year and are chosen from the area’s homesteaders.